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Welcome to the online consultation suite for Dr. Shirley Madhère. We love having options, so we've extended some to you! If you are short on time to come in to one of Dr. Madhère's New York City offices ( or you simply want a basic question answered about some "work" that you've been considering, we present you with! This site provides you with an opportunity to get some of your most pressing plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine, and beauty questions answered by Dr. Madhère or one of her professional associates. Please note, however, that the team members will not answer urgent questions or deal with any medical or aesthetic emergencies. In addition, this site is not a forum for critical medical issues. Dr. Madhère's Click-Lift is designed to provide you with limited answers to some of your more common questions relating to beauty and plastic surgery, both reconstructive and cosmetic, as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedures.


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